NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Economics

Class 11 Economics is a crucial subject that has been added to the curriculum for students who might be interested in the field. It is one such subject that has great value and importance in everyday life. The primary purpose of studying economics is to learn about the production and consumption of products and services. It also deals with how they are distributed in the markets. The study not only includes the products and services but also the demand and supply for them.

Class 11 Economics introduces students to several significant concepts of demand, supply, market mechanism, and banking systems fundamental for understanding critical concepts that determine the mechanism of both micro and macroeconomic factors.

Microeconomics is the study of prices for goods and services based on the allocation of resources and human choices. Macroeconomics studies economics as a whole, in a large entity. This would include growth rate, domestic production, and also inflation.

In this regard, NCERT Solutions for Economics Class 11 provide critical insights to the nuances of important chapters like liberalisation, privatisation, globalisation, sustainable development, etc. which help students clarify important economic concepts and gain adequate knowledge about the basics of the subject. Furthermore, the NCERT 11th Economics is curated by scholars and CBSE teachers and therefore adequately caters to the requirements of the syllabus and question pattern.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Economics

Chapter 1 Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence

Chapter 2 Indian Economy 1950-1990

Chapter 3 Liberalisation Privatisation Globalisation An Appraisal

Chapter 4 Poverty

Chapter 5 Human Capital Formation in India

Chapter 6 Rural Development

Chapter 7 Employment-Growth Informalisation and Related Issues

Chapter 8 Infrastructure

Chapter 9 Environment Sustainable Development

Chapter 10 Comparative Development Experience of India with its Neighbour


Economics Class 11 Marks Weightage



Marks Allocated


Part 1

Statistics for Economics



Part 2

Indian economic development



Part 3




Importance of NCERT Class 11 Economics PDF

Class 11th Economics NCERT PDF proves beneficial in a number of ways to improve the learning process of the student. Being a relatively new subject, it would take some time before the students get the hang of what’s going on in the subject. 

  • Gurucool’s NCERT economics class 11 PDF of the solutions are written in lucid language with simple and easy to follow language. Every student reading this would find it very simple to follow.
  • All the answers are written following the NCERT guidelines very closely. Students need not worry about studying any content that is out of the syllabus.
  • It is curated by subject matter experts. So, all answers are accurate and written in a way that would fetch maximum marks in the exam. There is no need to worry about the credibility of these answers.
  • Provide a detailed introduction to crucial topics. This would help strengthen concepts right from the beginning.
  • Explains critical topics with diagrams.
  • Provides adequate examples to clarify the concepts.
  • Provides step by step statistical solutions to respective sums. There are many real-life problems that are important in this subject. Students will be exposed to these in detail so that there is no problem in solving them in the examination.
  • All the solutions are arranged in chapter-wise order, making it very easy for the students to read and refer to the solutions as and when they need it. The students can use these for a quick revision or references when required.
  • The solutions by Gurucool are free of cost and are available for anyone to access at any time. This makes the whole process very easy and convenient for students as they do not have to worry about any extra fees or costly books. 
  • NCERT Class 11 economics solutions can also be downloaded for offline use. This way, students can access the file offline through a PDF and have it saved on other platforms as well. It can also be printed out which makes it easy to be used as notes.  

Therefore, students should keenly follow NCERT Economics Class 11 solutions to score better in terms of both short and long answer questions in their exams.

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