NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Business Studies

The term “Class 12” brings a special kind of anxiety and fear to the mind of students. It is considered to be the deciding year where students can make or break their academic life. It decides not only which college the student lands up in but also the stream, course, and the core subjects of study. It is very important for the students to pay equal attention to all subjects in order to truly understand where their passion and interest lies. 

Although class 12 being such an important year, with so much banking on it, students are advised not to take any unnecessary stress. The scoring factor depends more on smart work than on hard work. 

Of course, without regular and consistent efforts, there is no way that a student can score high marks. Hence, to truly reach their desired top scores, a student must know what to study and how to write answers in exam papers. This is why many tutors advise the use of solution booklets. 

NCERT Solutions of Class 12 Weightage Marks

Typically following the traditional rule of 80 marks consisting of the external examination, while 20 marks for the internal examination, students are urged to concentrate on covering all chapters which are in the NCERT Business Studies class 12 solutions. NCERT Solution of BST Class 12 is based on this type of syllabus to give students access to a more accessible form of practice, which is tangential with the main Business Studies exam paper.


NCERT Solutions Business Studies Class 12 Benefits

In terms of the solutions themselves, a student can expect to find very important questions related to how a business is usually set up, what are general corporate structures found in the commercial sector, the operation and daily activities of a business following a particular business model, etc.

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