NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science

You can get the most suitable answer to all your questions for Social Science from Gurucool. The study materials of NCERT Solution for Class 7 SST constitute simplified explanations with detailed discussions. Gurucool provides shortcut methods to help students to perform their best in exams. Proficient teachers with years of expertise have curated the NCERT solutions for Class 7 SST according to the latest syllabus. You can download the NCERT solution Class 7th SST from Gurucool.

NCERT Social Science Book Solutions Class 7 pdf History:

History includes a lot of events and dates that help us understand the evolution of humans over the years. Historians learn through evidence collected over years and make significant conclusions. This includes the activities of people, their cultures, traditions, beliefs, wars, etc. This helps us learn a lot about the development and evolution of civilization. The rise and fall of kingdoms over the years, the political influences, and how they shaped our history are significant. It is very fascinating to learn about these things. Though many students find this subject difficult. There are a lot of dates and events to memorize. But with the right strategy and dedicated efforts, you can easily score high marks in your History exams. Make notes of important points in your book and revise them regularly. Prepare a list of important dates and go through them daily so that they get registered in your mind. The earlier you start your preparations, the better you will learn this subject. This subject might take some time to learn and memorize therefore you must not wait until the last moment to start studying. 

Chapter 1: Tracing Changes Through A Thousand Year

Chapter 2: New Kings and Kingdoms 

Chapter 3: The Delhi Sultans 

Chapter 4: The Mughal Empire

Chapter 5: Rulers and Buildings

Chapter 6: Towns, Traders and Craft persons

Chapter 7: Tribes, Nomads and Settled Communities

Chapter 8: Devotional Paths to the Divine

Chapter 9: The Making of Regional Cultures

Chapter 10: Eighteenth-Century Political Formations

NCERT Social Science Book Solutions Class 7 pdf Civics:

Civics is a subject that can help you understand society and social relationships. There are a total of 9 Chapters in NCERT Class 7 Civics which will provide you with an idea of how the society, government, market, and politics around you functions. Since the entire syllabus is conceptual, it is important that you get an in-depth understanding of these chapters:

Chapter 1:  On Equality

Chapter 2: Role of the Government in Health

Chapter 3: How the State Government Works

Chapter 4: Growing Up as Boys and Girls

Chapter 5:  Women Change The World

Chapter 6: Understanding Media

Chapter 7: Understanding Advertising

Chapter 8: Markets Around Us

Chapter 9:A Shirt in the Market

NCERT Social Science Book Solutions Class 7 pdf Geography:

Geography is a very important subject as it makes you aware of your surroundings. You get to learn about places and other factors. You must learn this subject properly in order to understand the chapters in further classes. Class 7 Geography deals with the basic concepts and his knowledge will be very helpful for higher classes. You get to learn about the environment we live in and various factors that affect our environment. You will get to know more about the importance of this subject. The various chapters in your Social Science Geography are as follows:

Chapter 1:  Environment

Chapter 2: Inside Our Earth

Chapter 3: Our Changing Earth

Chapter 4:  Air

Chapter 5: Water

Chapter 6: Natural Vegetation and Wild Life

Chapter 7: Human Environment Settlement, Transport and Communication

Chapter 8: Human Environment Interactions

Chapter 9:Life in the Temperate Grasslands

Chapter 10:Life in the Deserts

Benefits of NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science:

  • These are designed by subject matter experts who have several years of experience in this area. They have gone through the curriculum of the CBSE board and understand the pattern being followed over the years. Hence, Gurucool’s NCERT Social Science Book Solutions Class 7 pdf is highly reliable from your exam point of view.
  • NCERT Social Science Book Solutions Class 7 pdf are according to the latest syllabus prescribed by the CBSE. It is updated from time to time and includes all the topics in your NCERT book. You need not look for different resources to compile the contents of your syllabus. 
  • The solutions are present in a very simple language and help you to clear all your doubts. 
  • These solutions are available in easily downloadable formats. You can access these solutions for free just by clicking on the provided links.

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