NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English

Entering Class 8 would mean that students are stepping into high school. English is an important and scoring subject in Class 8. Understanding the figures of speech is emphasized in the Class 8 English curriculum.

Having adequate knowledge of English is one of the most important aspects as English is officially declared a universal language and prominently used in every work sector. Class 8 is a stage at which students must give importance to learning the nuances of this subject better so that they can brush up their communication skills and acquire foundational knowledge in English literature.

NCERT has prescribed English as a compulsory subject right from the beginning. This allows students to learn the language gradually and develop a love for it. Once students learn to articulate their thoughts in this language, their interests will simply grow manifolds. More words would be added to their vocabulary, enhancing their communication. This would ultimately give a better impression while talking to others and while writing.

NCERT solution for Class 8 English is curated explicitly by expert English teachers to help Class 8 students by simplifying the learning process of both prose and poetry. Essentially, the Class 8 English is divided into two parts, distinctively dealing with prose and poetry.

NCERT Solution Class 8 English PDF Download


Chapter 1: The Best Christmas Present in the World

Chapter 2: The Tsunami

Chapter 3: Glimpses of the Past

Chapter 4: Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory

Chapter 5: The Summit Within

Chapter 6: This is Jody’s Fawn

Chapter 7: A Visit to Cambridge

Chapter 8: A Short Monsoon Diary

Chapter 9: The Great Stone Face – I

Chapter 10: The Great Stone Face – II


Chapter 1: The Ant and the Cricket (Poem)

Chapter 2: Geography Lesson 

Chapter 3: Macavity – The Mystery Cat

Chapter 4:  The Last Bargain

Chapter 5: The School Boy

Chapter 6: The Duck and the Kangaroo

Chapter 7:When I Set Out For Lyonnesse

Chapter 8: On the Grasshopper and Cricket 


Class 8 English Marks Distribution for Prose and Poetry

Question Type


Total No. of Question

Total Marks

Short answer




Long answer type 1




Long answer type 2








Benefits of CBSE 8th Class English Textbook Solution

There are several ways in which NCERT Solution for Class 8 English proves beneficial for students like:

  • Well researched answers.
  • Deals with both MCQs and descriptive questions adequately.
  • Provides an understanding of literary devices.
  • Helps to learn meanings and synonyms of all 8th class English lessons
  • Easily comprehensible answers for a seamless learning process of students.
  • It helps students to score the maximum marks.
  • All the answers are written by English experts, having adequate teaching experience. Their answers are crisp and to the point. One can rely on them with confidence.
  • The answers strictly follow the NCERT Guidelines as prescribed by the Board. No unnecessary information is mentioned in Gurucool’s NCERT solutions for class 8 English.
  • All the Solutions on Gurucool are available for free download on the website as well as a mobile app.
  • Gurucool’s Solutions for Class 8 English can be downloaded and saved as a PDF. These solutions can later be accessed offline on any device. 

Therefore, NCERT Solution for Class 8 English is a must-have book that helps students to understand the fundamentals of this chapter adequately.

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