NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English

English is an important part of our daily lives. It is one of the most commonly used languages all around the world. We cannot really imagine today’s world without needing the usage of English as a means of communication. Hence, the language is also one of the main subjects in the curriculum for all classes in schools. Studying English in schools not only increases the number of educational opportunities but is also helpful for students in all of the career prospects they may have in the future. The more linguistic skills one has, the more one can communicate while improving their networking skills at the same time. 

The Central Board of Secondary Education, or CBSE, has prescribed two books published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) for Class 9 English. The first book prescribed for Class 9 English Literature is known as “Beehive” and the second book is called “Moments”. Beehive includes a total of 21 chapters while Moments consists of a total of 10 chapters. Both of these books include stories, poems, and prose that are meant to provide students with an understanding of different values that can be helpful in our everyday lives. Gurucool provides NCERT Solutions for both these books below.

NCERT Class 9 English – Beehive 

Chapter 1 – The Fun They Had

Chapter 2 – The Sound of Music

Chapter 3 – The Little Girl

Chapter 4 – A Truly Beautiful Mind

Chapter 5 – The Snake and The Mirror

Chapter 6 – My Childhood

Chapter 7 – Packing

Chapter 8 – Reach for the Top

Chapter 9 – The Bond of Love

Chapter 10 – Kathmandu

Chapter 11 – If I Were You

NCERT Class 9 English – Beehive [Poem]

Chapter 1 – The Road Not Taken [Poem]

Chapter 2 – Wind [Poem]

Chapter 3 – Rain On The Roof [Poem]

Chapter 4 – The Lake Isle of Innisfree [Poem]

Chapter 5 – A Legend of The Northland [Poem]

Chapter 6 – No Men Are Foreign [Poem]

Chapter 7 – The Duck and the Kangaroos [Poem]

Chapter 8 – On Killing A Tree [Poem]

Chapter 9 – The Snake Trying [Poem]

Chapter 10 – A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal [Poem]


Benefits of NCERT Solutions for well-explained 9 English

NCERT Solutions for Class 9th English has proved to be very beneficial to the students during their exams. Some of the benefits of NCERT Solutions for Class 9th English are:

  • This will help students strengthen their fundamentals.
  • Students can learn about the pattern of questions coming in the exams.
  • It will improve the student’s answering skills.
  • Students will gain a lot of knowledge and will increase their in-depth understanding of every topic and concept that are included in the textbook.
  • These solutions will help students in boosting their confidence.
  • The solutions are prepared by some of the best teachers with years of expertise.
  • The solutions are given in accordance with the syllabus pattern of CBSE. 
  • The solutions provide answers that are well-explained and descriptive to help students easily solve long-answer questions.
  • The solutions can be downloaded free of cost for offline access.

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