NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Maths

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Maths are a set of solutions in the form of chapter-wise solutions made specifically for Class 9th students. Middle school is one of the most crucial periods a student undergoes in the course of their schooling years. In order to lessen the academic pressure, these solutions are made by experts in the mathematics field to give you, the student, a holistic approach to your examinations. These NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Maths are to be read alongside the main subject matter and the texts provided to students. In this way, students can give themselves a chance to test their knowledge of the subject.

Additionally, NCERT Maths Class 9 solutions are available in a PDF form, which is free and downloadable. With easy access to such NCERT Solutions, students can be sure of themselves when they approach question papers. Moreover, these 9th class Maths book solutions are made in order to give students clues as to what to study for their Maths exams. Also, Students can download NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science created by the best teachers at Gurucool for free.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Maths | Chapterwise PDF

Chapter 1 – Number Systems

Chapter 2 – Polynomials

Chapter 3 – Coordinate Geometry

Chapter 4 – Linear Equations in Two Variables

Chapter 5 – Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry

Chapter 6 – Lines and Angles

Chapter 7 – Triangles

Chapter 8 – Quadrilaterals

Chapter 9 – Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles

Chapter 10 – Circles

Chapter 11 – Constructions

Chapter 12 – Heron’s Formula

Chapter 13 – Surface Areas and Volumes

Chapter 14 – Statistics

Chapter 15 – Probability

CBSE Class 9 Maths Unit-wise Marks Weightage


Unit Name



Number Systems






Coordinate Geometry









Statistics and Probability





20 Marks are for internal assessment

Benefits of Gurucool’s NCERT Maths Solutions for Class 9

  1. All the solutions are provided with explanations and easy steps so that all the students can understand them easily.
  2. Students can use these solutions for clearing their doubts instantly.
  3. There are different exercise-wise PDFs for all the chapters of the syllabus.
  4. In order to help students with their problem-solving skills and learn concepts effectively, detailed explanations are offered.
  5. The solutions to the questions are through the easiest method.
  6. To help students visualise the problem and solutions, diagrams are provided as well.

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